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3 new ways to keep the sparks flying in your relationship

brodykaitlynnreggieweddingI’ve had quite a few people asking for tips on how to keep relationships interesting and romantic. My experience has been that the more new things my boyfriend and I try together, the closer and less restless we become.

Most people know that it isn’t beneficial to let a relationship become too routine or predictable, so I’ve come up with a few of my favorite things that Brody and I do to have fun together, bond and keep things interesting. Here they are:

1) Fantasize – Even if you aren’t a big football fan, fantasy teams are fun because you’re forced to learn about the sport (if you don’t want to totally suck!) and you become invested in how certain players perform. Create your own league that you, your boyfriend and other friends of yours can play in (because, let’s be honest, his friends most likely won’t let you take up a spot in theirs!).

I started playing last year and it was fun ’cause, not only did I have a reason to get into the games on Sunday, I had a new shared interest with my boyfriend so we could talk draft strategy, player performance, how we could improve our lineups, etc. By this season, I knew enough about the game that he actually asked me to help him with his draft for the league he and his buddies play in!

2) Be creative together – The other night I wanted to take a couple photos of a bubble bath for the post I did on a spa night at home. Brody is a great photographer (little-known fact!) and we just got a new camera, so I asked him to help. It ended up being really fun! I get pretty shy when it comes to modeling (I honestly don’t like doing it at all!), but it was comforting to have my boyfriend, who I knew wasn’t judging, on the other side of the camera. We worked together to get some fun shots and I totally felt closer to him after.

I realize not everyone wants to model in the bath, so maybe you head out to your backyard and shoot with your dog, or head to the beach or a favorite spot of the two of you. If he isn’t a photographer, it doesn’t matter! Let him try to be. OR skip the photography and check out a ceramic painting studio… anything light-hearted, creative and fun!

3) Disconnect and get cozy – A couple weeks ago Brody and I decided to spend the night out his boat, moored a few hundred yards off the beach in Malibu. We let our phones die (there’s hardly reception there anyway) and with no other forms of communication or entertainment at our fingertips, spent some quality time sipping red wine, watching the sunset and cozying up on a twin bunk for the night.

Another idea would be to grab a tent, find a quiet spot (even in your backyard if you can resist the temptation to crawl into bed half way through the night!) and have a little camp out, just the two of you — NO PHONES ALLOWED.

What do you guys think of these ideas? Have any others for me?


  • I have found going back to what sparked one another goes a long way! Especially In very long term relationships and marriages. 🙂

  • You guys look so cute together! i’m a huge fan of both of you guys 🙂 Hope to see more posts about relationships.

  • Thanks for opening up & sharing! Those are all so cute n fun! Those are all great reminders of keeping the sexy alive! -Lisa 🙂

  • Great tips! I would say ” let be the one you love be yourself”. When we are in relationship we want to change someone’s to be like we are, to like what we like , but we forget that we felt in love with this person only becauce he/she is who he/she is 🙂 We need to leave some freedom, space for each other and it’ll be fine;)

  • It’s funny that you post this– I’m a psychology student, and I am studying the process of close relationships. Scientifically speaking, couples that participate in new and exciting activities together remain together longer and have overall higher relationship satisfaction. Choosing to be active over passive doesn’t just help when choosing activities for the weekend either. Couples who engage in any type of active versus passive behavior with their partners can be associated with higher relational satisfaction. So if you want to remain with your partner, you should participate in novel activities and provide active, rather than passive support. Xox

  • I love these ideas, particularly the one about being creative. My boyfriend and I recently went to a pottery painting studio, at first he was totally against the idea but it turned out to be a lot of fun and he wanted to go back the next day! It was so relaxing to just be so creative and silly and not have any distractions, I would totally recommend it! Thanks for the post Kaitlynn x

  • adorable!!! great tips

  • This post is amazing!!! You guys are so cute and I will definitely take some tips for me and my bf!! Thankyou 🙂

    Strawberry Shortcakes | Style Blog

  • I love these tips! You and Brody are such a cute couple. I hope to use these tips with my boyfriend sometime!

  • I LOVE this picture! And I love your blog! I’m curious why you moved to Cali fom NH? What do you do? And how did you two meet?

  • Some really good pointers, thanks!

  • Hiking always helps my relationship feel refreshed. Being outdoors, exploring new places (or even old favorites) and taking pictures with out cell service while being physically active is the most fun way to spend time together. Then a shower together at home and cook dinner together isn’t a bad way to end the day…love the blog Kaitlynn! Thanks for the tips!

  • I’ve been a big fan of the Jenner’s for quite sometime and between you and I Brody’s never done better! 🙂 I just think your wonderful. Your style, loyalty and love for your boyfriend and dogs. Its nice to know that people who have a little more spotlight can be so down to earth. Congratulations on your blog. I will be here eagerly enjoying all your posts.

    • Thank you! It doesn’t hurt that he’s a great person 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the blog!!

  • Great tips! I love trying new things.

  • I love these tips so much!!! You two are such a happy and lively couple 🙂 an inspiration for couples young and old. <3

  • Soooo cute!! I love you two together! 🙂

  • I think your rich-girl way of dating rich-boy is very deluded. Rich people shouldn’t have blogs. They have no concept of the run-o-the-mill people.

    • I appreciate your perspective, but you obviously have no idea what my background is. I worked for years in the finance industry, making and saving money, to be able to afford to start this blog and be doing what I really have always wanted to do. I’ve created this website and business without the financial support of anyone except myself and I’m proud to have done so!

      I hope you’ll choose to come back and enjoy the site for what it is — a fun place to share my and others opinions, experiences, talents, etc. We’re just having fun here!

    • Coming from the deluded anonymous poster – very classy to be judging her behind your computer screen.

    • So disrespectful. Just because she’s in the spot light of LA doesn’t mean she has to be rich or doesn’t know what it’s like to be poor. Honestly, if you were insightful, people of her genuine & honest character are easy to spot, meaning she’s a true person & shows it -because if u read how she writes, she learns everything from life, family, experience. Her demeanor did not come from money. Please don’t come on her site if you are negative; jealousy is not pretty or happy.

  • Love these ideas! My boyfriend and I are always trying to think up new things to do together. We just recently did a couples cooking class and it was so fun!

  • These tips are awesome Kaitlynn and I love that you deal with negativity from others so positively and are so well spoken. All of us “non-haters” are totally enjoying your blog and can’t wait to see what else you have in store for it! I so appreciate that you have worked your butt off to create this blog and have done an amazing job with it!

  • Stay classy girl! You seem to have a really great head on your shoulders! Dealing with negativity like you did, wow! I would have given that poster the old one-two, but you took the high road, which just shows how educated, classy, and kind you are. I’ve only read a few things so far, but will definitely be coming back! (peaches and nectarine smoothie!!!YESPLEASE) You will always have people who feel the need to give their (sometimes hateful, jealous, etc) opinion, which comes with the territory, but just remember, how you handle it shows a lot more about you. (although I never understood what the point of being an Internet bully is… Do they have nothing better to do? :/ who knows!) anyway, congratulations on the blog, it’s amazing! I’ll definitely be telling all my friends about it! ….and making that smoothie! 😉

  • Sure cute ways to keep the spark alive. My husband and I do “technology free tuesdays and thursdays”. On those days when we get home after work we don’t turn on the tv, shut down the computers and dont look at our phones. We usually make dinner together or listen to music and read – it’s been such a refreshing break!

    One more thing that we do, and is quite fun, is that we have one day a month that we dedicate to each other, like a “Yes Day” for the other person. On that oen day he has to say yes to everything that I want to do (haha, within reason of course). So maybe it’s making breakfast, going to a coffee shop, taking in a hike. For him it could be making his favorite meal, watching football or going to a bar. It’s really been so great for our relationship to take time to cater to each other 🙂

    • I LOVE these ideas! I want to try the “Yes Day!”

    • Great post Kaitlynn i love your blog!
      Picnic somewhere different (pending weather) is always another good one.. i like the idea of no phones must try it we get so caught up in texts calls and social media!
      Keep up the good work and come to australia soon!

  • You guys are cute as a button! I literally want to bite you both. Please help me refrain!

  • Seattle girl here! #gohawks !!! Haha just had to put that in here.. You guys probably have a bagillion things to do but you guys should definitely come to a seahawks game!! It’s an adventure of a lifetime even if you’re a not a huge seahawks fan! Just putting it out there since you have a fantasy football team… Man what a season it has already been!! My bf and I defintely bond over fb.. Great advice to every girl! You’re a keeper!!

    • Oh cool and thank you! If we make it up to Seattle this season we’ll have to check out a game!

  • Love your style and your posts as well!!Υοu’re a very smart person!
    Greetings from Greece!!!


  • Great ideas.. more posts like this this please! 🙂

  • Hi kaitlynn,

    I loved this blog post! I write on relationships and love over at my website,

    I love that you share your thoughts and your ideas are very refreshing for girls in our generation!



  • My boyfriend and I did a similar thing where we camped out in a rainforest. We went about 500m off track where we found an amazing water fall. We pitched hammocks, lit a small fire, and also sipped on some alcoholic beverages with no phones or no communication with the world. It was truely amazing.

  • Hey Kaitlynn
    My fiance and I do a similar thing we have 1 night a week were we have no TV or phones and we take in turns to chose a new meal to cook and do it together and actually sit at the dinner table over a nice wine and catch up.

  • Kaitlynn, I’m so glad that you’re a blogger. I never use to read blogs but ever since I’ve come across yours – I’ve been visiting it again and again and now I realise I’m actually hooked! I love your work because what you write is genuine and you’re down to earth so that’s probably why I like reading your advice. You’re blogs about Love are my favourite. Thank you for sharing.

  • Great posts and great insight within you blogs. It is extremely humbling to think everyone goes through up and downs within a relationship. I am not one for blogs or relationship advice, but I got a bit bored at work and your blog is now something I will look at weekly!

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