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Esperanza Resort, Cabo

So, I wrote this post a few weeks back, and somehow never hit the “publish” button, but this is an especially important post because a) it’s about such a memorable and exceptional experience with my girlfriends and mom! and b) if you’ve been to Esperanza in the past, you should know just how new and improved every aspect of this Cabo resort is. They have truly taken this spot to the next level!

As you guys know, I travel a lot and I’ve been so fortunate to spend time at some of the most beautiful hotels in the world. I’ve visited several Cabo resorts in the last few years, and I honestly believe Cabo is home to some of the top resorts in the world. In fact, I’ve even thought the best hotel in the world (from my experience) was in Cabo, and I won’t name any names but it was essentially the ONE I held every other hotel in comparison to. Well, let me tell you, Esperanza gave that hotel a run for its money!!

Ok, ok, enough fan-girling. I’m gonna give you guys a rundown of our visit there and you’ll understand for yourself just why Esperanza should be bumped to the top of your travel bucket list.

First of all… I forgot my passport (insert emoji smacking my own forehead here). I had flown to New York for an event with Ole Henriksen and completely forgot I would be leaving the country after NY (honestly Cabo feels more like an extension of California to me!). So my adventure began at 6AM on the way to Newark International when my mom asked if I had made sure I had my passport in my bag. Nope, I didn’t! So, back to LA we flew. Brody met me at the airport, we caught the next flight to Cabo, and arrived only 4 hours later than we were originally supposed to! All’s well that ends well.

As we exited the Cabo airport, we were greeted by two drivers from the Esperanza, and were immediately whisked away in an Escalade, complete with champagne and cool towels, to the resort. Upon arrival at the resort, we were greeted by several resort staff who knew that the rest of our group was waiting for us at dinner, so they allowed us to bypass check-in and go straight to our villa to freshen up. The one bummer about us being late was that we didn’t have enough time to enjoy all the thoughtful amenities awaiting us at our villa: freshly made guacamole, margaritas, chocolates!!

Side note: the villa is one of Esperanza’s newer accommodation options. Ours was perfect for a mom and daughter getaway, a couples trip, or even for a small family because it had two ensuite bedrooms! They have villas with three and four bedroom options too. They’re on the residential side of the resort which has its’ own pool and stunning ocean views. Here are some photos of our villa:

After changing for dinner, a golf cart picked us up and drove us the short distance to our private dinner overlooking the beach. Chef Guillermo prepared the perfect tropical feast for us, and after quite a few margaritas, we made our way down to the sand where a fire pit and an assortment of flavored marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers awaited us. I haven’t really explained yet how much this trip consisted of the ultimate girls getaway group: my mom and I, my business partner Tiana, Kelsey White, Becca Tilley, my manager Ali, and our photographer Nicole Moser. So no one could get a word in and we literally laughed NON-STOP. That night was no exception!

We turned in fairly early because we had a morning camel-riding excursion booked, which turned out to be the most hilarious experience of all! We had all pictured this glamorous scene of us riding on blanket covered camels in beautiful outfits, hair blowing in the wind. The reality was… well, see for yourself:

Thank you, Becca, for this shot. So chic.

I hope you all got a laugh out of that, ’cause we sure did! The camels were really sweet though. We got to feed one of them carrots and it gave us kisses.

Post-ride we headed to Esperanza’s sister property, Chileno Bay, for lunch. Chileno Bay is brand new and stunning. It’s more modern feeling, and the GM there told us it’s considered more of a social resort than some of its ultra-romantic Cabo counterparts. I tried mezcal with a rattle snake in the bottle! We ate fantastic Mexican! Becca pedalboarded around the little cove in front of the hotel and we all Insta-storied it!

That night was the night of Esperanza’s Latin Carnival, a colorful dance and music and food festival. But that was only the beginning of our evening festivities. After the carnival, Chef Guillermo took us all to a secret, password-protected bar in San Jose del Cabo for a late night of dancing! Once again the primary item on the evening’s agenda was laughing. Ahhh we laughed so much and had so much fun! We only finally made it home to bed around 4 a.m.

Our flight was at noon that day, so after the dreamiest hungover breakfast watching waves crash into the rocks below, it was time to depart that slice of paradise.

Short but sweet! I’ll definitely be making my way back to Esperanza soon!! And if you want to visit Esperanza, I have a little offer for you from the resort: Book the Bed and Breakfast package (found on the “special offers” section of Esperanza‘s website), and you will receive a complimentary margarita welcome amenity and a $100 spa credit. To book, call(855)661-7800 and mention my name!

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