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LA Fashion Week 2017

I was so excited that a couple of my favorite designers opted to show their new collections in Los Angeles this season – especially since I’d made up my mind not to attend this month’s shows in New York! And what shows they were! Easily among the most memorable I’ve been to.

Two of the shows I attended were special because they took place in public venues, so anyone from the general public had the opportunity to attend. Because of this, I was able to meet quite a few fellow fans of fashion (and followers of this blog!) who I may not otherwise have had the chance to bump into.

The first show I attended last Saturday was Rebecca Minkoff at The Grove. She had several fashion bloggers and other influencers walk in the show, including Chriselle Lim and Victoria Justice. All of the girls road up in a trolley at the beginning and walked from there. It was such a fun and energetic show!

Tommy Hilfiger hosted his show at the Venice Boardwalk. His team created an entire carnival called Tommyland! Not only was it incredibly magical, but it was filled with surprises (like Fergie performing live just after the runway show)! The show was the second as part of his collaboration with Gigi Hadid, so she walked the runway along with Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and Stella Maxwell. If you have Instagram you were certain to see some (or all) of the celebrities you follow in attendance. Tents filled with Tommy gear, including clothing, lollipops, and pins lined the walkways alongside rides and fire dancers and food trucks. They truly transformed the beachfront, and hundreds of people from all over the city (actually from all over the world – I met one girl from Japan!) were able to enter and enjoy both the show and the festivities)!

I was invited, by Tommy Hilfiger, to a fitting at Chateau Marmont in advance of the show. I kind of forgot that I would be attending a carnival, and went for the most beautiful dress I saw. I SO don’t regret that decision. I absolutely LOVED the nautical theme and just how light and flowy and feminine my look was. I did end up buying a denim button down at the show to warm up a little bit, but I even like how that looked layered over the dress!

My final fashion week event, and certainly my favorite to attend, was Rachel Zoe’s presentation over dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel, my absolute favorite spot in Los Angeles. I was among a group of about 100 guests to attend the event. Also in attendance were Brody’s step-sisters, Sara and Erin Foster, who I don’t get to see all that often, so it was nice running into them! Jenny Bernheim, Kelsey and I were seated together. After the presentation of her latest collection, Rachel gave a very touching speech to thank her friends and family for being there. We all took photo booth photos and danced for a while before heading home.

So, although this fashion week didn’t consist of stressful uber rides and throngs of street-style photographers and rack upon rack of outfits lined up in a hotel room, it was exciting! I am really hoping more designers will make their way out here next year ’cause let’s be honest: NYC in February is roughhhh, and this week, in warm (albeit slightly overcast) LA, was a ton of fun!


  • Sounds like so much good will for everyone. Cheers to the designers and admirers !

  • I LOVE your outfit with the ripped jeans and fishnet tights. I’ve always wanted to really have a full fashion week. Maybe one day!

    xx, Pia

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