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WWBJD: What = Girlfriend vs. Hookup?


Finally, our first official WWBJD! The plan for these is to ask Brody a question about love and relationships that I’ve received from one of you, and I’ll share with everyone his word-for-word response (I figure it’s always good to get a guy’s perspective too — and his can also be pretty entertaining!).

Q: So this question is for you/Brody. Obviously your looks caught Brody’s attention right off the bat, but what made him actually want to settle down and date you. What qualities do you think make a girl “dateable” and not just a “hook-up?”

BJ: Well, first of all, everyone has their own tastes, their own likes. When you meet a person it’s all about chemistry: it’s either there or it’s not. You’re either compatible or you’re not. Then if you are, you either like things about them or you don’t — and you’re either willing to work on those things or you’re not. Like when I met Kaitlynn, I didn’t want another girlfriend at all — I was so ready to just hang with the boys. But the chemistry was there and I didn’t want to let that go.

Once I know there’s chemistry, I just really want to be with someone who’s loyal and honest. Somebody that no matter what their past is and how many guys they’ve been with they’re honest about it (I don’t want to have to do those multiplication games!). Somebody trustworthy. Someone who has a close relationship with their family. Intelligence is attractive (this is probably the #1 difference between a hook up versus a girlfriend). It would be nice if somebody really enjoyed cleaning up around the house/doing dishes/making me breakfast in bed (Editor’s Note: LOL). But the most important thing is loyalty.


  • Dead on! Good job,Brody!

  • Great reply! You are a lucky man! Haha to the editors note. Nice touch! Thoigh breakfast in bed is amazing!

  • I love that you clearly didn’t change his response in any way and your added LOL was hilarious. I believe this is a true honest guy answer… However, I still don’t feel like it answers much for us girls :/ loyalty and honesty are important in any relationship but there’s got to be more… I guess that’s what he means when he says “chemistry.” It’s just there or it’s not. I guess a question like this can’t be easily answered. I’d like to hear your take on this Kaitlynn… What do you think separates girlfriend material from hook up? How can a girl be wise when a guy shows interest in her and she wants more than a hookup? Thanks as always for sharing this!

    • Totally agree! I LOLed at the LOL in it (I mean.. where’s OUR breakfast in bed?!) but I would LOVE to hear Kaitlynn’s response underneath Brody’s and her POV to the same question, especially since you guys have so much rad chemistry. And all of his points are SO valid. Brody really did meet a unicorn when he met you, Kaitlynn! Adorable.

  • This is really great advice and cute too! Lucky you!

  • Hi Brody/Kaitlynn,

    Yay! I have been waiting for this feature. I think Brody has hit it nail on the head here. There needs to be chemistry and mutual respect for each other. You just know when you have met someone right for you.


  • With all that being said and so true

  • I love his honesty! It is so refreshing. What a great series this is gonna be. Chemistry is the most important thing.

  • I love how straight forward and honest this answer. You can definitely tell this was written by a guy.

  • As everyone knows who Brody Jenner is from all various girls he has been with did you ever feel like you were going to be like the other relationships /hookups in his past? How did you know you were different?

    • I didn’t know I was different. I just met him and went about my life, but he was extremely persistent in getting to know me better and spending time together. Then I had a better idea of how different he felt I was. He wasn’t going to let me get away. No matter what, if a guy really wants something, he won’t let it get away!

  • I love that he said being close with family is important too. I agree. Nice post.

  • So this is so sweet and such a great idea to get Brody on here. Always nice to have that other perspective! Caitlin, I’ve read that you love SoulCycle. I do as well and I just opened my own indoor cycling studio in Philly. Can you please post a playlist of songs you love to workout/spin to? I would love and appreciate that so much. I’m a big fan of the blog and believe in you big time xxx

  • funny Alli says she’s a big fan of the blog and isn’t even close to spelling your name correctly lol!!! 😉

  • Thank BJ for sharing this!

  • Spot on. A loyal/ open person will win win me over every time.

  • Editors note made me laugh! love it! haha

  • I couldn’t agree more! Great advice.

  • I love this! Keep ’em coming

  • Breakfast in bed?? Lol wow. Honestly if I were you it would be hard to share my life with someone like that(live together) when he hasn’t fully committed to me for life (marriage)

  • It’s all about communication and trust. Well said Brody….you two seem perfect for each other.

  • I’m a mid 50’s lady from Canada who has cougar crushed on Brody for years. I rarely pay much attention to the girls he’s with as he seemed to not really be ready to settle down. When I heard about the engagement I decided to check out who this girl is that he wants to marry. A quick google brought me here to your blog and what a delight! So happy to see that you are real person – beautiful, yes – but so much more! Congrats on landing the most handsome man in L.A., looks to me like you actually deserve him!

  • awwww…you guys are the cutest, ya know!!

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